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Grow Food, Cultivate Love

Like a good gumbo, this planter feeds your heart and your soul. And breaks socioeconomic boundaries. Gumbo is a food for everyone, and Gumbo Box is a planter for everyone. It's designed with accessibility in mind, while also capturing 31 gallons of rain water which can be used in the planter's sub-irrigation system or stored in it's storage basin and used another day.

Gumbo Box was designed for the New Orleans Water Collaborative Planter Box competition and won 3rd place!

Spring 2021

New Orleans Water Collaborative Planter Box Challenge

 Industrial Design

Gumbo Box - Web7.jpg

Gumbo Box Takes 3rd Place!

Among 20 other entries, Gumbo Box won 3rd place and is featured on the podcast River Runs Backwards with Devin Foil from Cicada Radio.
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