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native planting design + graphic design + painting + industrial design + design research


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We are design generalists with a knack for landscape design and tactical placemaking, using our experiences in landscape architecture, industrial design, graphic design, fine arts, and design research to answer the call.

In every project, we hope to design equitable, environmentally responsive spaces to create more colorful, compassionate, and resilient communities.

What's News

& Good?

Larix Underground won FIRST PLACE for our design, Alligator Island, for the Water Collaborative's Seeds of Innovation Floating Planter Competition!

See us in Landscape Architecture Magazine

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We are Zoe & Ben, a design duo based out of Baltimore. The seed of our collaboration was planted at Penn State and we've been designing together ever since.



Zoe daylights for two Baltimore-based creative companies with a knack for community-centered design. She is a landscape designer at landscape architecture firm EnviroCollab, and an associate placemaker & project designer at public artists firm, Graham Projects. Outside of her cool jobs, she loves hiking, backpacking, and playing the ukulele. Rainy days are best spent with her cat, Mochi.

check out Zoe's portfolio here


Ben daylights as an associate landscape designer for Baltimore-based landscape architecture firm, Mahan-Rykiel Associates. He's a big fan of the outdoors, board games with friends, and his cat, Ramen. 



Landscape Architecture Magazine

"Made for the Marsh: A pair of landscape designers come up with a winning idea for the land-starved Louisiana coast", written by Timothy A. Schuler


Seeds of Innovation: Design for Resilience Floating Planter Box Competition

First Place Winner!

Organized by the New Orleans Water Collaborative


River Runs Backwards Podcast

"Planter Box I: Everyone Can Come to the Gumbo Box and Garden". Hosted by Devin Foil on Cicada Radio.


Build Solutions Design with Nature Competition

Placed in Top 15
Edible Planter Box Competition
3rd Place Winner!
Hosted by the New Orleans Water Collaborative


Baltimore Magazine

Design for Distancing Competition Aims to Revive The Beauty of Public Spaces

The Architect's Newspaper

Design for Distancing aims to bring life back to public spaces left dormant in lockdown

Baltimore Fishbowl

‘Design for Distancing’ guidebook provides ‘tactical concepts’ for reopening local businesses
Baltimore Design for Distancing Competition
One of ten chosen winners!


We're always looking for cool, exciting, and change-making collaborative projects! If you have one, we'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for contacting us, 

We can't wait to read it!

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